The pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Maricopa, a county in Arizona, has received some press coverage in most part due to its rogue former sheriff who was recently pardoned by president trump. The Sheriff Joe Arpaio was known for racial profiling as he engaged on his tough on immigration way of doing business. The sheriff who was self-declared America’s toughest sheriff was one of the earliest supporters of Trump. Since the onset of the Birther movement that kept claiming that President Obama was not born in America, the sheriff became a staunch supporter of trump. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The current president also seemed to develop a liking for the sheriff, and thus it came as no surprise when trump granted him a pardon long before his conviction date this was issued as soon as his guilty verdict was issued. U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow had found Joe Arpaio guilty of violation of court orders.

The judge was referring to orders of reform issued by Judge Bolton that the sheriff was supposed to implement after he was found guilty of racial profiling. The judge had come up with some reforms that needed to be implemented to bring back the office to its former glory. The judge would even appoint a monitor who would oversee the implementation of this reforms and report on the progress or lack of at any given time.

The presidential pardon did not surprise many but for Jim Larkin and Micheal lacey they saw this as the subversion of justice for a man who had made his career abusing the rights of others he deserved to have the law clap back at him. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had been some of the most prominent critics of the sheriff’s ways, and this was done mostly through the paper they run the phoenix new times.

The newspaper had been reporting that included human rights abuses such as the beating of inmates, sexual offenses as well as death and suicides of inmates in the sheriff’s custody. The sheriff always seemed to have one reason or another whenever this happened and never personally taking responsibility.

The death of a veteran in a “jail riot” as well as the that of a woman who slipped into a coma after she was denied medication while in custody are just some of the few examples that Jim and Micheal reported on.

They also had their problems as the sheriff was known to harass and intimidate anyone that dared oppose him. The there paper was the subject of threats and harassment culminating in the banning of its reporters from all of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conferences. This was followed by the arrest of Micheal lacey and Jim Larkin in August 2007.

They were arrested in the middle of the night for allegedly printing the contents of a subpoena that had deemed to control what information about the sheriff’s actions they could report.

The actions would turn against the sheriff, and it ended up costing the Maricopa taxpayer 3.75 million as the money given to the pair as settlement for the case.