The Innovation of Wireless Charging with MAGFAST


Electronic users far and aide from across the country all enjoy their devices on a daily basis. They make our lives easier by basically having a tiny computer in our pocket. However, the result of owning so many devices has been the huge number of charging cords in any individual house. Consumers were frustrated, and even a creator of technology Seymour Segnit was overwhelmed.

This sent him down a rabbit hole of determining what consumers wanted most out of a charging cord, and the result he reached would forever change this simple aspect our daily lives. The MAGFAST brand and its line of MAGFAST Charger are expanded upon in a Influencive article.

The MAGFAST Charger was the culmination of four central features that consumers should expect out of their wireless charger. At the pinnacle of the design aspects, the device needed to be easily portable. Consumers needed something that can be taken anywhere.

MAGFAST answered this consumer desire by launching in 6 different designs to suit specific needs. The next feature is the ability to be usable with any device on the market. As a heavy user of technology, Seymour Segnit understands the importance of compatibility in the life of consumers. Get Related Information Here.

Additionally, features were marketed to the tech experts in the audience. The MAGFAST based its technology around magnetic stripes to ensure a device could be connected and remained connected all throughout the charging process. It would be able to complete a charge in a respectable amount of time compared to the traditional weird cords. Read This Article for more information.

In order to market such an innovate product, Seymour Segnit went to Kickstsarter for funding directly from the consumers themselves. The idea was a massive hit with the MAGFAST Charger exceeding all goals in a matter of minutes. An era of wireless charging was coming.


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