The Accomplishments of Highland Capital in Investments and Philanthropy

Mark Okada and James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993. The company, which deals with investments, has since become very successful. It now manages assets worth around $15.4 billion. Highland Capital offers advice on alternative investments, equities, credit hedge funds as well as collateralized loan obligations. The wide array of services the company specializes in has attracted many clients. Their clients include individuals with many assets, governments, public pension plans, and financial institutions.

Michael Gregory works at Highland Alternative Investors. He is the company’s chief investment officer. Through his expertise, the company’s clients have made a lot of profits in the recent past. He works with James Dondero on the Highland Small Cap Equity Fund. Although it is still small, the fund has been making great progress. It has assets worth approximately $55 million.

The fund deals with various sectors including healthcare, energy and real estate. Michael Gregory discussed Collegium Pharmaceutical Inc. and Pacira Pharmaceutical Inc. He said that the two companies were doing well and were likely to improve their sales. In real estate, he mentioned several companies like NexPoint Residential Trust that were doing well. These are some of the companies that were benefiting from working with Highland Capital. Nexpoint recently raised $269 million in its market offering further solidifying its position for the future.

Highland Capital has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. An international company has offices in Sao Paolo, Seoul, Singapore, and New York. It has provided employment to many people in these places. This has also taken its services closer to the people. Highland Capital stands out from other companies. It has great concerns for community development. This being the case, the company has invested greatly in its areas of operation.

James Dondero takes part in various philanthropic activities. His company, Highland Capital has contributed approximately $10 million to various organizations. Due to its growing involvement in philanthropic activities, the company got a partner who specializes in the field. The company now works with The Dallas Foundation. The foundation is led by Mary Jalonick who is the president and CEO. She has experience that has helped Highland Capital to plan and execute its activities in charity.