Talos Energy Has Had Big Things Happening Lately:

With a base of operations that puts a huge emphasis on work in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf coast, Talos Energy LLC is an exploratory gas and oil industry firm that has its beginnings during its 2012 founding by CEO Timothy Duncan. The company has been on a steady course of growth and expansion since first opening up shop and 2017 saw Talos Energy enter into a three-way partnership to explore the promising Zama-1 field which is located in the shallows of the Gulf. The expectations of this massive discovery are that an impressive two billion barrels of oil will be extracted when all is said and done. In addition to this massive opportunity that the Zama-1 field presents, Talos Energy has also recently upped its company profile by making two key acquisitions. The company has also recently gone public.

One of the biggest events in the history of Talos Energy LLC has been the recent acquisition of Stone Energy. This acquisition has proved extremely beneficial for Talos Energy on a number of fronts. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this acquisition is the fact that Talos Energy has been able to go public off of Stone Energy’s public listing, thus fast-tracking itself into publically traded status. Talos Energy also inherits the Stone Energy territories in the Gulf which add valuable resources to the Talos Energy portfolio.

A second huge acquisition has been recently concluded by Talos Energy in the form of Whistler Energy II, LLC. This was completed during the month of August in the 2018 calendar year and the move greatly enhances the overall Talos Energy portfolio. Talos gains further interests in the Gulf of Mexico with this move as the company continues to expand its exploratory operations in this region. It is yet more proof that the formula that Timothy Duncan has put in place with Talos Energy is really starting to yield some major results. etc