Smita Shaw – Engineering The Way to Excellence

Smita Shah, P.E. has problem solved her way to excellence. In case you’re wondering what the P.E. after her name stands for, she is a Professional Engineer. That means she figures out the things that make our world run smoothly and even function at all in some cases.


As a young girl, while everybody was outside playing, she loved to stay inside solving math problems that would give most of us headaches. Now she solves engineering problems from upgrading electrical systems in public buildings to helping design lighting and navigation aids for an airport runway.


Smita Shah is the President, CEO and founder of SPAAN Tech, Inc. Ms. Shah was purposeful in claiming the highly respected position she now holds, not just within her company, but the engineering industry itself. However, Ms. Shah is not one to keep all the success to herself. She is devoted to guiding and mentoring young professionals, particularly women. Ms. Shah has laid out a recipe that is geared towards helping women join her in excelling in what is typically known as male-dominated industries.


Ms. Shah starts with having a good self-image and having confidence in one’s abilities. A person should also be conscious of how they present themselves to others. There are things like posture to take into account, and also the way you dress. There is something to be said for remaining neutral in your attire to ensure attention is paid to your words and not your appearance.


It is important to stay in the moment and not linger over past mistakes. At the same time, be mindful not to get too caught up in long-term goals and risk losing sight of what needs to be accomplished in the present. Learn more:


Ms. Shah also talks about how culture and general mindsets revolving around women can be a hindrance. Women are often expected to be subservient and accommodating. It is important to combat those mindsets with little things like not accepting special treatment as a woman and being called by your title instead of your first name. It’s also important to own your accomplishments and not let the credit fall to someone else. Let it be clear what you are capable of.


Lastly, Ms. Shah advises not to take your work home, and instead delegate and practice good time management. Keeping your personal and professional life separate is integral in allowing yourself time to fully step away and relax.


Not only is Ms. Shah a professional engineer, she is a highly respected keynote speaker who has received several awards. Ms. Shah has been described as someone who refuses to accept mediocrity. From her obvious and intentional success, she has proven this method for excellence.

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