Smita Shah

Smita Shah is currently in paving the way for young women across the globe. She has laid the blueprint for how a woman can become a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman, and licensed professional engineer. Smita Shah founded a company in 1998 called SPANN Tech Inc. Smita Shah is the president and chief executive officer of the company as well. Smita Shah has attended three of the top universities in America including the top engineering university. She attended Northwestern University, Oxford University, and MIT. What is unique about Smita Shah is that she has a very feminine look but she has experience when it comes to construction management and program management. Smita Shah experience outside of engineering and before starting her own company was doing a brief stint as a White House administrative intern. She is an international business leader who believes strongly in entrepreneurship and helping to grow small businesses. 


The field of engineering seems to be a male-dominated field but Smita Shah has put her stamp on the industry and is not afraid to speak her mind to the men around her. She is an advocate for women in the workplace and embraces professional female empowerment. Smita Shah has a unique thought process about the challenges that women face in the workplace in regard to leadership roles. She states that it actually starts with low self-esteem and poor self-image. She states that women do not have a lot of role models who are in powerful business positions so most women don’t equate themselves with being strong, powerful, and successful. The first step to a woman gaining self-esteem or a feeling of self-worth in the business world is that they have to have a self-image shift. This shift will happen when they start to mirror or read books by women who are strong, powerful, successful such as Smita Shah, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degenerate, or Martha Stewart.


Smita Shah knows that the challenges differ for both men and women in business but what challenges that young businesswomen may face they can overcome it with hard work, determination, and confidence. Women should do the research to help with a confidence boost because if they researched they would find out that they are currently over a hundred million female business owners globally. Smita Shah has 10 tips that up-and-coming or current female entrepreneurs should always keep in mind and they believe in yourself, thoroughly examine your ability, exert a strong presence, don’t let anyone else take your credit, focus on your goals, don’t comply with female stereotypes, remember every culture is different, demand respect from others, never mix business with pleasure, and have time management skills. Learn more:


Ms. Shah has given female entrepreneurs excellent advice and guidance to achieve their dreams. If they would follow her advice they could definitely accomplish their dreams. There are plenty of successful female entrepreneurs who they can learn from. The role model or mentor does not have to be a millionaire on a millionaire. Your mentor can be the local female business owner of a diner, flower shop, or any other local business in your community. 

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