Sergey Petrossov Introduces A Way To Make Better Use Of Private Jets

Sergey Petrossov

Born in Moscow, Russia and raised in Miami, Florida, Sergey Petrossov became an entrepreneur when he was very young. He started a business in high school and two in college. However, it is JetSmarter, started after he graduated from the University of Florida, that is by far his biggest success.

He created a company that has an app that makes it far easier and affordable to fly across the United State or around the world on a private jet. When he made his first trip by private plane he was shocked to see how hard it was to book a flight. He then found out how underutilized the planes were, including completely empty flights that were flying to another city to pick up passengers.

Sergey Petrossov came up with the idea of making it easier to book flights and then making flying on them a part of the sharing economy. JetSmarter at first connected people wanting to book flights with private plane companies, making it much easier to go through their app than the archaic way this had been done before.

He next started to offer people a way to buy the empty seats on these flights. This can make it much less expensive to fly somewhere whether you’re doing so for a business trip or to take a vacation or go see a concert. Sergey Petrossov says it is like Uber in that the more of your friends you can fit in one those cars the less expensive the trip is for everyone individually.

While it’s still more expensive to fly privately than commercially, he thinks his company will be able to get the cost of a seat down enough that it will be competitive with business-class or first-class commercial jet seats. That’s a few years off, though, but he has big plans for the expansion of JetSmarter.