Serge Belamant Contributions to a More Efficient Banking System through Blockchain

Did you know that the original intention of blockchain was to bring sanity in the banking world? Serge Belamant points out that through technology, the world of banking became more professional and results-oriented. As one of the people that designed this technology, Belamant is happy that the technology is now applicable in many industries — even in the alternative money systems such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Although these new systems do not credit his contributions in their efficiency, Belamant believes that through his foundation in this industry — he has created a meaningful conversation about money systems and the transfer of payments. He is also certain that technology will also continue solving administration challenges in other industries.

In addition to his contributions to these two industries, the story of this creator and tech investor is a perfect illustration of commitment. From the late 1980s, Serge Belamant has been part of the problem-solving industry —, which according to him has changed how he views life. In the early 1990s, for example, Belamant was part of the team that was helping companies — especially in health care and in the banking world — to improve their efficiency. During this period, he realized that not different companies have different needs in terms of systems. Therefore, Serge Belamant started viewing problem-solving from a different perspective.

In order to remain one of the most efficient problem solvers in the world of technology, he understands the importance of skills. Unlike in other industries, Serge Belamant understands that skills in this industry need an update — depending on advancements. Although he is one of the most experienced professionals in this niche, he is in various technology fellowships. Belamant points out that these fellowships help him to gain more skills, and they help him to interact with other industry players. Through these interactions, he has been able to grow his social capital and create better connections with his colleagues in the innovation world.

Finally, Serge Belamant understands that the innovation world has a huge space for more innovations. For example, he is continuously creating more tech-related products such as modern games. All his latest games designs have received unmatched reviews in the gaming community.

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