Securus Corrects Inaccuracies in Global Tel Link’s (GTL) Press Release

According to a recent press release by GTL, Securus Technologies has had a closer look at the findings in the media release. For this reason, they have issued a correction statement designed to have the company correct on their statements made through an incorrect and misleading practice. For the business, nothing gives them more responsibility than to have corrections issued to make investigations and correspondence released. According to Securus Technologies, there are many statements in the press release which require much attention when it comes to correction. They are illegal and misleading in the eyes of any liberal thinker. For this reason, they deserve to be corrected and regulated.


Securus Technologies, for a long time, has worked to keep up with leading and providing criminal and civil justice solutions for investigation, public safety, and corrections. The company has issued numerous correction statements for GTL in accordance to their previously released press release. According to the company, there are many misleading statements issued by the company to affect their commotion practice.


According to the President of Securus Technologies, the company is very much aware of the legal implications they are about to face if they agree to their folly to take Securus Technologies to court. As a matter of fact, legal partitions of this sort are too expensive. They often amount to millions before they consume a lot of your years to determine the case in a way you cannot predict. For this reason, Securus advice the company to consider their income and make a better choice to leave it aside. For the sake of their best interests, they must work to get the best options in the world.



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  1. The purpose of the press release issued by Securus Technologies concerning GTL inaccuracies is to have them correct their irregularities in the statement provided through the media release. I do know for sure writing a resume to what extent it makes it to be possible.

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