Raffaele Riva and Reading

People know a lot about Raffaele Riva and who he is as an entrepreneur. This professional has a lot of proficiency involving global business topics. He has just as much proficiency involving the real estate market, wealth management, estate handling, trust investments and more, too. Raffaele Riva has the distinction of being AUREA Multi Family Office’s President. This is a company that he created alongside others. AUREA Multi Family Office is an entity that heads all sorts of global business divisions. It heads BGB Aurea LTD., Milano Fiduciara and Aurea Gestioni Patrimonialia SA.

It’s clear as day to all that Raffaele Riva has a zeal for his vocation that’s practically unadulterated. He’s put the time into setting up numerous firms. He took part in the establishment of a plenitude of businesses from 1997 into 2008. Raffaele Riva has long been an advocate of education. That explains why his schooling background is so impressive. He finished an economics degree back in Italy in Milan. He didn’t just study economics, either. His educational program also accentuated vital subjects such as mergers and acquisitions (M&As), law regarding taxation, corporate finance and even accounting.

This man is an individual who knows a lot about global finance matters. He in the past was an employee in the auditing and accounting department for a renowned company that was under the Big 4 umbrella. This job took place in both Italy and the United Kingdom. Riva is no stranger to travel all throughout the European continent.

Reading isn’t an activity that ever bothers Riva. It’s truthfully a pastime that makes him want to try even harder in this life. He appreciates finding out about the newest developments in the sophisticated economics realm. He also likes reading disruptive technology stories that he sees in papers and online.