Profile of Leading Entrepreneur Marc Beer

Marc Beer is an entrepreneur who was involved in selling pharmaceutical products for over a
decade. After completing a college degree program at Miami University, Marc went on to work for
pharmaceutical companies. During his career, he worked in sales and marketing for these
companies. Within a span of several years, Marc became a marketing executive. At this position,
he was responsible for promoting and selling the products that the company offered to its
customers. With a successful career in pharmaceutical sales, Beer went on to become an
entrepreneur. He would start up two companies in the biotechnology and healthcare industries.
Once Marc Beer began his career in entrepreneurship, he looked to start a company in the
biotechnology industry. His first company was one that specialized in devising treatments for
medical conditions. Beer founded ViaCell which would use umbilical cords to retrieve stem cells.
These stem cells would then be used to help form the treatments. This company would be highly
successful within its short span of seven years. Beer decided to sell the company after running it
for seven years. Marc received millions of dollars for the business and went on to found another
company in the near future.
Once selling off ViaCell, Marc Beer opened up his next business. His next company would be
Renovia which has become well known for its development of nonsurgical treatments. The
company has looked to provide women with nonsurgical treatments for pelvic floor disorders. With
these nonsurgical treatments, the company is able to help women better cope with conditions that
include urinary incontinence. During the past few years, Marc Beer has been working with experts
to find the most effective nonsurgical treatments available that his new company can use.
Over the course of his career, Marc has worked alongside many people who have contributed to his
success. Beer has collaborated with professionals as both a marketing executive and as an
entrepreneur. He has said that the professionals he spent time with have been very important in
terms of helping him reach all of his particular goals. Beer also said that for any business to be
successful, it needs to have a group of people who are committed to helping the company thrive.
Marc Beer has used his success to help make a difference. Beer has given a lot of money to help
improve organizations associated with healthcare and education. His contributions helped colleges
and universities improve their programs and offer students with more opportunities to receive a
better quality education. Beer has also helped a number of healthcare entities find ways to treat
and cure cancer through research. As a result, of his contributions, Marc has proven to be
committed to making the world a better place.

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As an executive and an entrepreneur, Marc Beer has adopted his own approach to success. When it
comes to succeeding, Marc has been able to use his leadership skills. As a leader, Marc always
looks for and puts together effective solutions and then follows the necessary steps to solve
problems. Along with leadership skills, Marc has also learned from failure, carefully planned
finances and surrounded himself with quality professionals to reach his career and business goals.

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