Paul Herdsman Shares Vital Business Goals


Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, a nearshore customer service company based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This company is one of the most effective in the delivery of world-class customer care services. So far, it is working with some of the leading companies in the world, helping them to streamline their customer service departments. One benefit of working with such a company is that it allows businesses to focus on key goals of a business, which is business growth, knowing that the customer service department is taken care of by a competent partner.

Under the leadership of Paul Herdsman, NICE Global has a mission of helping other businesses to attain four key objectives. Increasing profits, lowering overhead costs, improving customer acquisition, and customer retention are all issues of importance to every business. Any company that can accomplish these objectives will likely be on the path of profitability, not only in the short term but long term as well.

NICE Global is a company that targets businesses that are looking to outsource customer service. The practice of outsourcing these services has existed for many years, but it is only recently that many companies have adopted nearshore customer service providers.

NICE Global is strategically positioned to allow businesses from the United States to physically visit their offices in case there is a need to streamline the processes.

The company also ensures that there are performance metrics set out to determine the progress made through different partnerships. It is the wish of Paul Herdsman to see that every partner is getting the same success as NICE Global. See This Article to learn more.

Paul Herdsman believes that employee retention and employee expertise are important factors in creating a successful business. NICE Global’s rate of employee retention is very high, and Paul herdsman also invests a lot of resources into personal and professional growth of his workers.

Paul Herdsman is a multifaceted businessman, and has a very successful portfolio encompassing a multitude of business skills. His career has been focused around customer satisfaction and he has honed his skills in areas such as customer acquisition, customer retention, business development and growth, marketing and sales growth, and operational execution.


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