Omeed Malik Helps Company’s Reach Their Full Potential


Omeed Malik is the CEO and founder of Farvahar Partners, and he helps startup companies and other organizations obtain the financing that they need to grow.

Omeed tends to get personally involved in all steps of the funding process, and this is something that he considers to be a competitive advantage that his business has over the competition.


Clients Can Get Money and Advice

One of the unique aspects of Farvahar Partners is that clients can receive advice from individuals who have a wealth of experience in the financial field. This can make it easier for companies to obtain financing in a way that meets their needs now and in the long run.

In addition to quality advice, Omeed Malik’s company offers both initial and late stage funding rounds, which means that startup businesses of all sizes can benefit from working with Farvahar Partners.


Malik Promotes Himself Whenever He Can

Omeed Malik knows that brand awareness is critical in the effort to attract new clients. This is why he participates in lectures, panel discussions and other events where he can share his views on the financial world. He advises others who are trying to get into the financial or investment banking spaces to do the same thing.


Multiple Factors Influence Financial Markets

Malik pointed out that there are many factors the influence the decisions that an investment banker makes. For instance, the politics in a country or region could impact how banks allocate funds. The same could be true of new policies enacted or events that take place in a lender’s home country or a foreign nation. Refer to This Article for additional information.


About Omeed Malik

Omeed Malik has spent time as a corporate lawyer as well as a senior leader at MF Global and Bank of America. He obtained a political science degree from Colgate and a law degree from Emory prior to starting his professional career.


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