Nicolas Krafft and the World of Fashion at L’Oréal

When talking about the fashion and beauty world, we cannot fail to mention the outstanding personalities in the industry like Nicolas Krafft. He is the general manager of Pulp Riot International at L’Oréal, the fashion and beauty company, a position that he took up in January 2019. Before that, he served as Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oréal – a position that he held from 2014 to 2018. Krafft has been at L’Oréal since 2002 and has held four other positions at the company.

One of the most notable fashion and beauty events by L’Oréal was held when Nicolas Krafft was vice president of Global Business Development. The event took place on September 30, 2018, and it was attended by some of the popular personalities and leading models in the industry.

The women that graced the runway were the center of the event. Some of the celebrity models that walked the runway were Louise Bourgoin, Elle Fanning, and Eva Longoria. The event’s organization was immaculate, and it took part in river Seine, which is located in central Paris, France. The event was held on a 60-meter long floating runway on the river and featured a number of breathtaking designs. In fact, it took at least eight days to put up and take down the floating runway.

Nicolas Krafft and his team made sure that the event was a success by embracing diversity and incorporating high levels of creativity in everything that was showcased. Numerous artists in the fashion and beauty world were also present. They gave their best to ensure that the models showcased a wide variety of the latest fashion designs, hairstyles and makeup, and jewelry.

The event aimed to display the latest products and styles in fashion and beauty to the entire world, and that’s why it was made a public event. Drones were filming the entire event, and it was aired in over 30 countries. The company also put up large screens for the residents of Paris to watch from the river’s banks.

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