Next Target of Conservatives Confirmed DACA Program in Danger

Post-2016 Presidential Election, the extremist conservatives of GOP started targeting the diverse sects of the civil society of the country. Even before they started campaigning against pro-liberal measures, the inclusion of LGBT rights, policies friendly to migrants, and more. But all of a sudden, they got the license to target all of these with strange reasons after the election. The effect was very clear, and a large number of policies that gave a humane treatment to migrants and other sects have suddenly disappeared, and new ones came which were hostile to those sects. Now, the latest target of the extremist GOP members confirmed; it is DACA program that benefitted undocumented youth in the country.


To the people who are not familiar to DACA, it is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program designed by the former President Barack Obama to help the undocumented youth to escape from the perils of deportation. It provides an opportunity to seek employment in the country along with an SSN for a period of generally two years – which is renewable. Apart from that, many states even provide in-state-tuition fees and facilitate driver’s license to support their living. The move against the program started when the Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, sent a letter to the Federal government to revoke the program – specifically no renewal of DACA henceforth – or else face the legal consequences.


The message is clear; the popular program is going to be removed. Evan a governor of a red state and another nine attorney generals attested their names in the letter directed to the government. In the early weeks of July, this year, a small group of Hispanic Caucus met the John Kelly, current Homeland Security Secretary, in a closed-door discussion. He gave out the message that the program that offered opportunities and protection to nearly 800,000 people is experiencing threats by pointing out the legal challenges associated with the cases filed by the GOP members.


Though advocates and DREAMers were hinting about this, the announcement of Kelly made the people really panic. At present, DACA has completed five years of operations and offered innumerable benefits to the undocumented youth. The program helped more than 95% of beneficiaries to choose work, continuing education, or do both. They boosted the economy with millions of dollars in the form of college fees, paying taxes according to the earnings, investing in housing, vehicle, and more, and continuing higher education. The organizations such as Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund have started campaigning for a permanent solution to this.


Frontera Fund played an instrumental role in changing the migrant lives in Arizona positively for the last few years. It is the child of Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey – two news reporters from Arizona – after they decided to spend the money they received as the settlement from the Court of Appeals for the well-being of struggling migrants. They were arrested by the Sheriff of Maricopa County for writing about a grand jury instruction. However, the Court of Appeals discharged them from the charges and awarded a settlement amount of $3.7 million for their illegal arrest – which transformed as Frontera Fund.