Neurocore: Addressing Mental Problems From The Core

Most medical practitioners approach Neurotherapy with caution. Patients showing signs of non-optimal brain functioning and health are rarely diagnosed and immediately sent for conventional psychotherapy. By following indirect approaches, most physicians focus on diagnosing the mental problems instead of identifying the primary cause of brain disturbance. Neurocore took it upon themselves to develop brain based diagnosis from how the brain functions independently.

Neurocore’s main target client is anyone diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and depression. The firm aims at improving their patients’ brain concentration and functioning capacities, containing stress levels and improving sleeping patterns. Unlike many facilities, Neurocore specializes in offering neuro feedback therapy. It allows the brain to function clearly through routine positive reinforcement.

Neurocore was launched in 2004. The firm has grown impressively over the years with nine centers currently in operation. These brain performance centers are situated in Florida and Michigan. Moreover, they boast of equipping their facilities with advanced and state-of-the-art equipment for the best diagnosis and best treatment procedures. Over the years, the organization has been backed up by investors in support of improved mental health. The firm retains positive reviews and a great working environment from current and former employees. Neurocore has spearheaded the fight to enhancing healthy minds and transforming lives.