Michael Nierenberg Has Emerged As A Leader In Developing More Services

According to @hiphopbusinessnews, a financial newsblog on Twitter, an article on CEO Michael Nierenberg Bear Stearns has been leading the charge in improving third party servicing for mortgage servicing at New Residential Corporation was eye catching. So many investors and consumers have noticed the numerous was this has transformed the way that mortgages are services, and Michael Nierenberg has been ahead of the curve in terms of meeting consumer requirements.

A great way that New Residential Corporation has improved technology has been in the origination sectors. After the announcement of a strategic investment with Covius Holdings, Michael Nierenberg has emerged as a leader in developing more services to provide for the financial industry.

After the banking sector experienced a downturn during the credit crunch of the early 2000’s, New Residential looked for new ways to better serve their consumers. Knowing how important buyer trust factors are, Michael Nierenberg continued the push for improving customer relations, even when these involved highly publicized acquisitions.

For details: www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/company-officers/NRZ