MB2 Dental Successful In Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

In August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey roared through the southern Texas area and left billions of dollars of devastated destruction. Lives were lost, and millions of people were displaced due to loss of homes. Many relief agencies, and people from all across the country volunteered to bring some sort of relief to the many victims. MB2 Dental Solutions was one of the entities that took it upon themselves to become involved in the relief effort to help and assist the hundreds of employees and their families who were included among the millions of people needing assistance.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental support organization that helps dentist run their offices more efficiently. It serves as a partner to many dentists, and private practice dentists. It provides services to help dentist to be able to focus on rendering exceptional service to their patients. In the after math of Hurricane Harvey, MB2 Dental Solutions had some of their affiliated offices destroyed, and many of their employees left without homes and food. The company joined in the relief effort by setting a goal to raise $100,000 to help the displaced employees, and the dental offices. This fundraiser generated a total of $93,000 for the ones who were in desperart need of assistance. This was ninety four percent of their goal.

One heart warming story from the hurricane saga was that of one of the doctors with MB2 Dental Solutions. She had given birth to a beautiful baby just days before the hurricane. She was in the home without food and water for herself and her new baby until she was evacuated from her home. During the days that followed, MB2 Dental Solutions was in constant communication with her, and providing what they could to help with her survival. She expressed her sincere gratitude to all of her affiliates, and support groups for all of their care and support during the horrid weeks that followed the hurricane.

The founding principal of MB2 Dental Solutions was that a doctor could accomplish more when working together with others than he could ever do as an individual. MB2 Dental gives dentists a progressive perspective on how the management of their practice and the development of it should work. MB2 Dental is proud of the success of their fundraising effort to help the many associates and other people victimized by Hurricane Harvey. The company is grateful to the many donors who supported this effort.