Marketing Expert Gustavo Martinez Explains How Creatives Operate

If anyone wants to find an advertising and marketing expert they can’t do much better than Gustavo Martinez. After working in the marketing industry for several years, he entered the ranks of C-level executives. At Ogilvy & Mather as well as McCann World Group, for example, he was the president. He was also the chief executive officer at the prestigious advertising firm J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. Early in his career, he worked at Price Waterhouse and Henkel.

He decided that, older now, he was ready for an entrepreneurial phase in his life. He became an independent consultant as many creatives are in the advertising industry. Additionally, Gustavo Martinez serves as a mentor to people from the younger generations. He advises them that marketing isn’t like any other industry. Other industries put a priority on hiring people that are dependable, punctual, and don’t care about performing repetitive tasks.

The marketing industry is the polar opposite of that, however. Creative people are, by their very nature, unable to work a 9 to 5 rote job. Creativity doesn’t strike when you want it to, after all. They need the flexibility to come up with ideas on their terms and timetable. As someone who has been a C-level executive, Gustavo Martinez says that yes, of course, there are business realities. But the ultimate goal simply won’t be achieved buckling down on creatives and making them operate as a normal employee.

In that spirit, Gustavo Martinez launched his career as an independent consultant. Leaving his job at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, he partnered with UV Business Acceleration. He realized that he could use his marketing experience to help startups survive. The vast majority don’t. He feels that marketing based on proven concepts will help many startups survive and offer products and services that advance society. He says that what most people miss is that a product or service and its marketing are the same thing.

He also developed a partnership with Massive Data Heights. This is a startup that collects and analyzes consumer reviews that are posted across the internet. This analysis creates actionable insights that can be used to develop a new product or improve an existing one. Between these two partners, Gustavo Martinez has developed an optimized approach that dramatically improves the odds of a startup becoming successful.

He starts each workday with breakfast with his family. He then answers emails and sees what is happening in the world of business. A workaholic, he usually works 10 to 12 hour days. He spends this time motivating his employees and clients to do their best. He makes it a point to recognize high-achievers and encourage his team to share their ideas.


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