Mark Holyoake – The Successful and Unique Entrepreneur of Gym Business


For quite some time the fitness and Olympics have been valuable as well as beneficial for many reasons; such as wellness, competition and it allows people to feel proud of self. For the last twenty years fitness has changed into the business industry. Due to technology development, the gym business began to grow. A lot more people are now interested in being involved in fitness and attending the gym and for many, it became their lifestyle.


Mark Holyoake’s Entrepreneurship

Mark Holyoake is one of the entrepreneur’s gym businesses. He is a founder of CrossFit gym. With a background of being a successful gymnast, his experience and the set of skills helped him to grow a successful business of his own.


Mark’s Youth

Mark Holyoake is from Wellington, New Zealand. Mark has been involved in athletics since he was very young. He found himself being successful in all types of sports. Being still young he was already focused on making the best out of great athletes.


Mark’s Background

Mark Holyoake moved to Auckland, where he got a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. He participated in many gymnastics events while having a part-time job as a personal trainer and joining a club where he worked on dedicating accomplishments in gymnastics.


Mark’s Success

Mark Holyoake’s hard work repaid him; Holyoake became successful in sports and achieved his dreams. He began to win competitions, placing in a better and higher place. In 2010 he won worlds Guinness World Record.

After winning the world record Mark Holyoake retired from being an athlete. He then got a full-time job as a coach, leader, and teacher of fitness. After that, he decided to develop his own gymnastic clinics, which would support the wellness of athletes. After opening his own gym CrossFit business Mark Holyoake then continued to focus on its growth.

Geeks News’ article entitled “Gymnastics To CrossFit: Mark Holyoake’s Road To Entrepreneurship” talks about how Mark Holyoake found success within the realm of local CrossFit gym ownership. The now-retired gymnast has parlayed his previously perfected skills into a thriving business that calls upon his best assets, experiences, and business savvy.


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