Maarten De Jeu Will Advise You on International Investment

Maarten de Jeu stands among the global renowned strategic business investors that have made tremendous strides in the business arena. He has helped many investors through his company, SVM Business Advisory that he started in 2012. His remarkable career in commercial real estate ventures, financial and international business services stand on a strong academic foundation. Maarten boasts of an MBA from Oxford University that saw him emerge the first in his class. The multilingual expert has extensive expertise in industrial operations, technical knowledge, and an unmatched understanding of international investments. The combination of academic excellence and exposure in the field makes him one of the best advisors globally.

After spending some time working for global businesses in Asia, Europe, and North America, Maarten de Jeu acquired the impetus he needed to face the industry privately. His prowess in advising Fortune 100 companies on matters touching insurance and financial services has won him a reputation from numerous clients over the years. The Ultra High Net Worth investors that seek his professional advice have played a critical role in building his trust with all his clients.

Maarten de Jeu has managed to win the hearts of many clients through his professional decision-making skills. Besides, his capability to communicate in different languages has enabled him to interact with diverse personalities from various disciplines. Maarten honed his business skills working for Aviva the international strategy manager. His experience in executing the company’s London office overseeing the company’s London Office played a critical role in sharpening his skills. Additionally, he got a chance to serve top-rated clients, including Sara Lee and ABN AMRO working with TDVK consultants. Other companies that benefited from his service at the consultancy firm included Heinz and ING.

Besides SVM Advisory firm, Maarten de Jeu invested in a technology startup in Europe. He started SpeakUp® which specialized with the firms trading at the London stock exchange. His firm offered solutions to compliance and ethics to the mentioned firms across Europe. Maarten’s exposure to the international business scene backed by his academic skills provides the cornerstone of his success in international business advisory services. Besides, Maarten offers credible advice to an investor planning to extend their businesses outside America. Although SVM operates in Chicago, he has the expertise to provide information covering other corners of the world. Learn more:

Maarten De Jeu warns the investor intending to invest internationally to get ready with enough capital because it’s an expensive affair. He also talks of a professional business plan for guidance. According to de Jeu, many American investors don’t have a business plan, a big mistake in the international business scene. Additionally, he advises them to familiarize themselves with importation guidelines, the market, as well as the culture of the new country. Maarten continues to embrace international business.

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