Maarten De Jeu Is A Strong Advocate For The Community Education Projects Put On By The Museum Of Science And Industry In Chicago:

Financial industry professional Maarten de Jeu is a businessman and entrepreneur who is most well-known for his role in founding the organization the SVM Business Advisory. He is based out of Chicago, Illinois. His current job title with SVM Business Advisory is as a Managing Partner. Maarten de Je is also an individual who is dedicated to philanthropy and community service and takes great pride in involving himself in programs that help young people. A big part of this is supporting important educational programs. Maarten de Jeu has formerly served in the capacity of Co-Chair for the Science Spins program which is put on by Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. This program teaches the museum’s visitors about the fascinating history behind the bicycle.


The Museum of Science and Industry is the Western Hemisphere’s biggest institution of its type in size and scope. As a part of the museum’s consistent endeavours to give back to the community, it uses what is known as the Farrell Fellows Internship to help encourage teenagers from the Chicago region to engage in the area of science. Having dedicated individuals like Maarten de Jeu involved with this program is a critical part of its overall success.


It is during the summer that the Museum of Science and Industry puts on the Farrell Fellows Internship program. The program goes on over five weeks during the summer. It consists of different types of science-based classwork that teaches teenagers from the Chicago are about topics such as leadership, science, and the ability to speak publicly. One of the great benefits of the Farrell Fellows Internship is the fact that it allows its students an opportunity to give back to their communities by presenting activities with a science theme at the end of the program. These activities are done in an interactive manner.


One of these programs that took place in 2014 showed audience members the science behind the bubble. Farrell Fellows Internship participants were able to visit seventeen libraries across the Chicago region in order to put their program on. As a part of this, the teenagers were able to engage with younger children, helping them to make carnival tents out of newspaper.


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