Looking Into The Career Life Of Businessman Richard Liu


Richard Liu was born in New Hampshire in a family heavily driven by medicine careers. His father was a specialist dealing with health situations in areas such as the nose, throat, and ears. On the other hand, his mother was a reputable dentist whose main work focused on their community.

The career of his parents heavily inspired him to venture into the medical field. Richard Liu showed his interest in education as he participated in academic undertakings and took Richard’s every minute seeking knowledge from books. After his junior education, Liu enrolled in a Dentistry program at Harvard University. From the studies, Richard Liu gained the full knowledge of dentistry he required to start his career.

His first job was at Evergreen Dental Care, where he practiced the skills he had learned from college. In his new place of work, Liu practiced several specialized services such as implants, fillings, and restorations. The results earned vast experience in the dental field. See Related Link for more information.

As he was still working at Evergreen, Richard developed a new interest in investment and technology in businesses. He was fascinated by the growing business enterprises specializing in capital investment, and therefore, he decided to give it a try. Within no time, the decision to channel his energy into his ventures started yielding. To boost the career, Richard Liu decided to improve his education; he into a Business Administration, Master’s program at MIT.

After the studies, Richard Liu enrolled into a new job at CRT Capital, his role being critically analyzing business projects for the firm. After CRT, he joined TCV as an investment analyst and later joined other organizations such as FTV and Stifel as a consultant and analyst in investment issues. Liu pursues his career ventures through self-motivation and drive and accepts the outcomes of his undertakings.


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