Lime Crime To Reach More Consumers

From a young age, Doe Deere took fashion, including makeup, to the next level. When it came to her wardrobe, she has always had a love for bright colors and vibrant patterns. She wanted the same for her makeup, however, bright colorful makeup that worked well was impossible to find. So, Doe Deere set out on a mission to create these types of makeup products and, with that idea, she created Lime Crime which launched in 2008.

While creating quality products that work is a top priority for Doe Deere, she takes great pride in other ethical aspects of her company. For one, Lime Crime products are designed and manufactured in the United States. Additionally, Lime Crime products are certified as being vegan and cruelty free and have received certification from both PETA and the Leaping Bunning.

It was recently announced that Lime Crime has been acquired by Tengram Capital Partners. Tengram is considered to be the leading private equality provider for branded consumer and retail companies. This acquisition will allow Lime Crime to continue to grow by helping them reach more consumers. This will primarily be achieved by partnering with retail businesses.

With this acquisition, Stacy Panagakis will join Lime Crime as Chief Executive Officer. As former General Manager of Fresh, Panagakis has extensive experience and expertise in the beauty industry. She is credited with bringing Fresh products to the popular makeup store, Sephora. Now that she is with Lime Crime, Stacy Panagakis has the goal to expand the brand in various ways, including the products it offers and its overall footprint.

Doe Deere has had the opportunity to leave the daily operations of the company and instead serves on the Board of Directors. That being said, she is excited about this acquisition and the opportunities it will bring to Lime Crime