Learning More About What Highland Capital Management Is All About


Financial services is one of the largest sectors that makes up the United States economy, which happens to be the largest in the world. Although most of this industry’s competitors are involved in mainstream dealings, such as lending mortgages to laypeople, providers of niche services, such as the management of assets using alternative strategies, is equally as important.

Highland Capital Management is one of the leading alternative investment management service providers throughout all of North America, a spot that the Texan firm has held for nearly two full decades now.

The firm was created in 1993 by a pair of entrepreneurs, Mark Okada and James Dondero, each of whom had spent roughly 10 years in various positions across the greater world of financial services here in the United States before coming together and founding Highland Capital Management. Go Here for more information.


Where all does Highland Capital Management offer its services?

Most of Highland Capital Management’s work is done from the firm’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, though the firm also manages international offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Singapore; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Seoul, South Korea. View Additional Info Here.

Highland Capital Management also oversees an office in New York City, New York, to be close to Wall Street, which serves as the epicenter of financial instrument exchange on a global scale.


More about Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital first entered the European investment market in 2014 with help from Banco do Brasil through what is named the BB Highland Floating Rate Fund, one of many closed-end funds that Highland currently manages.

More recently, in mid-2018, the firm came out with a “UCITS Fund” – undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities – that mostly deals with collateralized loan obligation debt.

Highland Capital Management is also considered a conglomerate. The main subsidiary it oversees is Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors.


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