Learn 10 Amazing Japan Travel Hacks With Kim Dao

Do you want to travel to Japan? If so, you should really check out Kim Dao’s latest YouTube video “10 JAPAN TRAVEL HACKS YOU NEED TO KNOW!” In this video, Kim Dao goes over some of the things she wished she knew when she first journeyed to Japan.


The first travel hack Kim Dao goes over has to do with WiFi. She says if you can’t survive a day without the Internet, then you need to buy a Pocket WiFi or SIM Card before visiting Japan.


Kim Dao’s second hack has to do with the JR Pass. People on tourist visas can get JR Passes for $300 per week. This pass allows tourists to take as many JR trains as they want throughout their stay in Japan. Kim says JR Passes are great for people who plan to travel all around Japan. However, people just planning on touring one city like Tokyo shouldn’t invest in one.


Thirdly, Kim Dao talks about the travel website www.odigo.jp. She says Odigo is the perfect travel company for first time travelers. You can literally book your entire trip to Japan on Odigo’s revamped website.


Kim Dao’s fourth tip is all about useful train apps in Japan. She says all you have to do is type in “Japan trains” into the App Store and download an app. You could also just use Google Maps for free.


Related to train apps, Kim Dao next recommends getting a train card. She says you can get these cards at both airports and train stations for 500¥.


The final hacks in this video include withdrawing Japanese money at convenience stores, bringing a powerboard with you, renting a car for travel to rural areas, buying heat packs in the winter, and taking photos of places you want to visit. The last tip is designed to help you ask locals how to get to certain destinations if you can’t speak fluent Japanese.


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