Jin Oh Staying Ahead In The Gaming World

Jin Oh’s company represents one of the biggest gaming teams in the entire world. Jin Oh made it easier to keep track of those playing the game so that it would be more fun.

20 years or more Jin Oh has spent in the technology field. His success has increased over the years mainly because he uses the growth technique that keeps his company always changing.

Jin Oh doesn’t believe in waiting on others to make changes. His philosophy is if you want changes, you have to do it yourself and not depend on someone else. He is the president of Worldwide Publishing for Riot Games, and he understands his company potential from the very beginning and pushes for LoL’s player base in Korea. Jin Oh has commented in Korea Times how there is nowhere other than Korea that could appreciate and have such a deep connection with esports.

His ambition is to leave his competitor behind by staying ahead in the gaming world and for individuals of every race, age or gender to enjoy the Riot games he creates.

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