Jeremy Goldstein’s Personal Touch with Clients

Ten years ago, Jeremy Goldstein noticed a few executive compensation consulting firms breaking away from their parent firms and finding success as independent entities. He thought, would it be possible for a law firm to do something similar? After years of working at New York’s premier mergers and acquisitions firm, he founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC.

Using the connections he developed working at a previous firm, his first paying client was a referral. Thanks to that referral, he’s one of New York’s top compensation attorneys. He didn’t become such a successful attorney by making no mistakes. After opening his law firm, he learned how to pick clients.

He realized that taking the wrong cases would lower his reputation, and he wanted to attract the right type of clients. He also learned to limit how many cases he was working on, allowing him to spend adequate time on clients’ cases. With his attention focused on one client at a time, he can provide the utmost advantage for his clients.

Though his career seems perfect, he’s faced many challenges. He continues facing challenges like deciding between working with clients and other professional opportunities. Jeremy Goldstein loves being a corporate lawyer, and part of that includes speaking engagements and talking about executive compensation and corporate governance.

Like all entrepreneurs, Goldstein went through times of doubt and fear. As a legal professional, his fears and doubts were different, but he overcame them the same way all entrepreneurs do. Instead of letting fear consume him, he focused on one task at a time and slowly built a reputation for himself. Today, publications like Legal 500 list him as one of the best corporate lawyers in the nation.

Jeremy Goldstein set himself apart fairly early in his career. Early on, he realized the advantage of developing secure relationships with clients and colleagues. By getting to know them, he can understand their wants and needs better and offer better advice. The primary reason he wanted to establish his own firm was to approach his profession through a more relationship-based lens.

Though he became profitable well within the first five years of operations, which is how most determine a successful law firm; he doesn’t base success on victories or profits. It may be a cliché, but Jeremy Goldstein bases his success of his clients’ satisfaction. By focusing all his resources into activities centering on client satisfaction, he achieved a great degree of success.


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