Jeremy Goldstein Supports New York Charities

Fountain House has long been one of Jeremy Goldstein’s favorite charities. He has been hosting events for them for years. His latest event is a lavish wine dinner. It costs $5,000 for a ticket, but that money will go to a worthy cause. The dinner, along with a second event, raised over $50,000 for the charity. Fountain House is based in New York, which is a city that is close the New York attorney’s heart. He has been a practicing lawyer in New York for many years. As an attorney, he specialized in corporate merger law.


Fountain House was founded after the Second World War by a group of people who wanted to help each other. They needed support as they all suffered from mental illness. The group only had a handful of members at the beginning which is a far cry from today. Fountain House has now helped thousands of people, and the template for its program has been used in over 20 countries around the world. Mental health issues are a problem around the world, and the World Health Organization estimates that up to a quarter of all people will suffer from a mental illness during their lives. Many of those people are teenagers. There are still many people who do not ask for help as there is a stigma attached to mental health problems.


For many people, that illness can mean life is almost impossible to live. Many people cannot find a keep housing which leads to many other problems. Fountain House has made sure that 100% of the people that it helps have housing. From that basis, Fountain House teaches many other skills to help people contribute to society. They teach culinary skills along with basic skills to help people be independent. Even if patients cannot find a full time job, they can use their skills to help at the charity as a volunteer. Fountain House also helps people get their high school diplomas. Fountain House does far more than just help in the short term. The charity is setting people up to succeed long term.


Jeremy Goldstein has seen the remarkable effect that Fountain House has had within his own New York community. He will continue to put on events for the charity along with the many other organizations that he supports. He feels he should give back to a city that he considers home.


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