Jeremy Goldstein’ Philanthropic Excellence

Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent New York attorney, is back in the news again and for good reasons. This man epitomizes the word success to the highest degree. Advising compensation committees is what he does best, which includes giving business advice to CEOs, corporations and management teams. Jeremy Goldstein also has a heart of gold as this extraordinary figure has helped to spread awareness for people who suffer with mental illness. On a global scale, mental illness affects nearly 450 million people. The numbers are rather staggering when being viewed on paper, and there’s no exclusion of race that doesn’t deal with this issue.


One of the ways that Goldstein has helped to spread awareness is by raising capital that’s used to support specific organizations that specialize in this field. In 2018, Jeremy Goldstein and two of his contemporaries hosted a lavish wine dinner in New York City. This fabulous wine dinner was filled with various high-profile figures. On a posh rooftop at New York’s NoMad Hotel, Goldstein was able to raise up to $56,000. This $56,000 will go toward fighting mental illness via Fountain House. This particular organization was actually founded back in 1944. Six patients from Rockland State Hospital formed a group and brought their ideas into fruition. The initial name of the group was reported to be known as “We Are Not Alone.”


Fountain House’s goal is to provide a progressive environment for learning, working and growing as an individual. This nonprofit organization is backed by a team of professionals, and Jeremy Goldstein just so happens to be on the Board of Directors. Members of Fountain House have shown great potential. Some of the members have gone on to work in the fields of horticulture, culinary and education. The employment rate for this organization is at 42 percent. On top of that, these special members are treated just like any other member by earning paychecks. Jeremy Goldstein is doing his part to better mankind. This popular lawyer is looking to do many more progressive things in the near future, and that’s a guaranteed fact.


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