JD.Com Using 5G to Run a Beijing Warehouse

JD.com is China’s most popular retailer, and in order to satisfy all those customers they’ve had to embrace technology in all they do. With tech being synonymous with what they do, JD is always looking for the next addition to their logistics infrastructure. That’s why JD announced the opening of a smart logistics park in Beijing where technology runs on 5G.

5G connections allow for greater bandwidth, letting JD.com up the number of industrial IoT machines at this warehouse. In addition to the number of machines, their communication is more reliable, meaning operations there are expected to run more smoothly.

IoT devices will be under constant surveillance by other machines. JD’s smart infrastructure can keep an eye on the warehouse in real time, helping forklifts navigate as they transfer freight and avoid unforeseen obstructions in their way. With a constant 5G connection run by smart machines, rather than relying on human eyes, JD hopes to run a more efficient site. 5G will also assist with deliveries by making smart parking a possibility, making sure that incoming deliveries and outgoing freight can utilize the most convenient parking spots and line up with available docking bays.

While this warehouse is showcasing much of what JD will be using 5G capabilities for in the present, it’s not the only way this technology will be implemented. IoT devices will have a place in more of JD’s logistics operations, especially in a supporting role in their ever-growing supply chains.

JD’s smart logistics park running on 5G is the first of its kind in all of Beijing, according to Chief Architect of Logistics R&D and the head of smart logistics for this location, Wenming Zhe. With 5G, users experience low latency and high connection speeds, and Zhe says this technology will allow for an impressive number of devices to be used at the site in Beijing, allowing goods to go from their to customers faster and more efficiently than before.

In other statements about the Beijing warehouse, JD stated their plans to get IoT devices and 5G connection to more sites, mainly to increase communications between machines at disparate sites.