JD.com and the Value of Blockchain

As the leading e-commerce platform in China and a reputable e-commerce giant, JD.com is back at it again with its innovative strategies and cutting-edge ideas. This year, the company of Richard Liu Qiangdong began to develop a blockchain framework that will be accessed by businesses. They revealed and gladly announced the launch of JD Chain to businesses that will provide advanced and modern access to elemental blockchain framework. Additionally, JD.com also launched the latest blockchain technology open platform that gives businesses the ability to leverage pre-established Application Programming Interface in their businesses. JD chain is the answer of companies when it comes to building their own solutions from the most basic level to the highest level. It is peculiarly tailored to meet the distinctive needs and requirements of enterprises.

The JD Chain Open Source Community is a unique and current platform that has the primary objective to encourage considerable and substantial discussions as well as a pool of resources among enterprise users and blockchain developers about the application of innovative blockchain technologies. It was built to provide solutions that will emancipate businesses to be more adaptable, effective, and secure. JD Chain assists businesses in improving their overall performance by using Application Programming Interface, consensus protocols, data storage, data ledger, cryptographic algorithms, and more. It can make thousands of transactions per second as well as diminish the time required for the development of blockchain solutions.

According to the head of the blockchain at JD.com, they want to transform and change global e-commerce. They strive to push boundaries by using the potential of blockchain when it comes to e-commerce. The team strongly believes that JD Chain Open Source Community and JD Chain will continue to empower companies and enterprises across the world in leveraging extensive technological resources and using blockchain solutions that create significant security, transparency, and efficiency beyond their operations. Furthermore, they are positive that blockchain will continue to expand and to grow as the years go by. JD.com will continue to recognize the big potential of technology when it comes to boosting customer experience and transparency to the supply chain.

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