James River Capital: Forward Thinking Tips from Founder Paul Saunders

In 1995, Paul Saunders founded The James River Capital Corp (JRC). by acquiring the KP Futures Management Corp. and transforming it into an independent investment company. Today, Saunders is focused on providing innovative, modern-day financial advice for modern-day entrepreneurs.


Saunders encourages those he works with, and everyone else, to make the most out of the many technological assets that we have at our fingertips. Among these technological assets are the ability to work from just about anywhere on Earth, to access the whole (roughly) of human knowledge, and to communicate remotely with just about anyone willing to listen.

At a time when most people are using information technology to get wound up about politics or to binge-watch Netflix, Saunders is telling people how they can leverage the power of IT to become financially independent.

What’s most interesting about Saunders’ way of looking at business finance, is that it’s pretty traditional, but looks to tech to breathe life into tried and true concepts. He asks clients to change their mindsets, to change the way they think about money- to set clear goals with clear markers for achieving them. He encourages clients to eliminate expenses, pay down debt, build an emergency fund, and save 10% of your earnings.

These are not revolutionary ideas. But they become much more interesting when you look at the tech-heavy ways Saunders encourages people to engage in them. He talks about crowdfunding, which has been around for about a decade, more or less. But until now, crowdfunding has not been a part of any highly recommended strategy as a winning move.

This is just one example of how JRC is changing the game. Today, Saunders is focused on spreading his wealth of knowledge about financial wellbeing and how to achieve it. It would seem that this is his strategy for promoting JRC. This is just another example of how modern thinking is taking over the world of finance with Saunders’ use of value-added branding for his firm.