Jack Plotkin Uses Technology Design to Push for Better Healthcare

JACK PLOTKINJack Plotkin has been working for more than two decades and he has established a reputation for being a go to guy when it comes to entrepreneurship, business strategy, and technology design. Over the course of his career, he has also shown exemplary leadership and management skills, which is why he has been in an executive management position for years now. All of these remarkable achievements are not surprising coming from a Harvard University graduate with a computer science major. After all, not everyone can get in to this prestigious ivy league with its strict admission process.

When Jack Plotkin first forayed into the world of business, he had an epiphany that the fields of health and technology will be intertwined. He also had a gut feeling that their merging would rewrite and revolutionize how healthcare is delivered to patients. Plotkin envisioned that with the right tech platform, patients could be helped remotely. Those who are feeling ill no longer have to leave the comforts of their homes to get the proper diagnostics and treatment plans.

This is actually already happening now with pedometers and other portable, digital monitors that measure a patient’s vital signs. In the days to come, Jack Plotkin noted that it would be even more high tech and advanced. Jack is an insider because he is the CTO of Virtual Health, a telehealth provider. What they offer will truly shake up the industry and break all the common rules to give people something better than what they now enjoy.


Today, Jack Plotkin and his team are pushing boundaries of telehealth so they can effectively and efficiently deliver quality healthcare to more people at lower prices. Jack and his company are redefining how people can get access to medical treatment by leveraging technology. Now, the world is fast-paced and digital, so even healthcare must keep up to this digital lifestyle. By pushing technology design to its limits, Jack Plotkin knows that history is bound to change with this healthcare breakthrough.