Iskandar Safa is on a Perpetual Journey in the Business World


Iskandar Safa is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the current CEO of Privinvest Group, a leading naval shipbuilding company in Europe as well as the Middle East. Bon in Lebanon, Safa followed a rare path of entrepreneurship in the international business sector. However, he started off working for a multinational corporation where he gained significant experience.

Iskandar Safa has a degree in Civil Engineering from the famous American University of Beirut and an MBA from France-based INSEAD. With the strong education background, Safa, left France for the US before heading to Saudi Arabia where he oversaw the airdrome construction site. After some time of working for companies, he decided to start Privinvest together with his brother called AKram. That saw them get into the naval shipbuilding business.

He invested in Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie (CMN) in 1992. At the time, CMN was struggling and it was lucky to get a strategic partner who helped it through its financial woes. The company grew to employ more than 400 people. In 2007, Iskandar Safa came together with AI Ain International to create the Abu Dhabi Mar. Privinvest later bought the company fully.

Iskandar Safa is now focused on taking the company into new markets. So far, the company has ventured into the media through the launch of Privinvest media in 2005, hospitality and real estate sectors. Beyond that, Iskandar Safa is also working to give back to the community. He is still steadfast in his faith as shown by his generous contributions to the Notre-Dame restoration. Go Here to learn more.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral has been down for some time after a fire disaster and not much had been contributed to aid the restoration. Iskandar Safa came in to offer marbles to be used for the restoration. He owns a quarry located in southern France. See This Article for more information.


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