Iskandar Safa and Privinvest Shake Up Superyacht Building


Iskandar Safa never initially intended to become involved with the shipbuilding industry. After his career path led to him and his brother co-founding Privinvest, the two went on to make industry history. Based out of Beirut, Privinvest would become an internationally shipbuilding powerhouse.

Privinvest is mainly known for its work producing cutting edge vessels for world navies. Recently, Safa and his company took a dramatic turn. The company intends to become a top-tier name in yacht building. The enterprise isn’t interested in building small-scale yachts, either. The intention is to become a leader in superyacht construction.

The production of the massively impressive Sailing Yacht A shows what Iskandar Safa and his company have in mind. The superyacht is both visually and performance-wise impressive. The mega-million-dollar yacht also won awards for its design, which shows the yacht industry now takes note of what Safa and Privinvest are doing. After two superyacht success stories, the company and its leader are enthusiastic about building more yachts and setting them to sail. See This Page to learn more.

Privinvest’s management chose a strategic location for its superyacht endeavors. The Nobiskrug shipyard in Germany has a reputation for producing such luxury ships. The shipyard now falls under the ownership of Privinvest, and Iskandar Safa wants Nobiskrug to serve as the company’s top yacht facility. Go Here for more information.

Located in France, the Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN) stood as the first shipyard purchased by Privinvest. CMN served as a location for superyacht projects, but that is no longer the case. The German shipyard will become the top location for these projects.

Besides its yacht projects, Privinvest involves itself in renewable energy systems, media, and even real estate. Superyacht building, however, has the potential to bring the company a unique level of prestige. Privinvest’s CEO Iskandar Safa has some interesting plans for the future of his company.



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