Isabel dos Santos on Contribution

Isabel dos Santos is not the type of person who can be persuaded when it comes to treating her customers with respect. All though there have been plenty of corporate tactics over the years intent on ensuring that she generates as much revenue as she possibly can, she will not go so far as to step on the heads of others.

She thinks that this is one of the most toxic parts of the business community today, and the only way to combat it effectively is to show the world that we do not put up with it. This is why she does not do business with companies that promote negative or harmful values towards the state of the world. She believes that if we continue to do this as a species, we will ultimately end up reducing the worth we have of each other, as it will not be clear what the point is in working when you see so many other corporate entities in the world who are able to make it through cheating. Being fair and honest has always been the main priority for Isabel dos Santos, and she wants to make sure that this remains the case for all of her career.

Isabel dos Santos believes that there are too many businesses alive today that do not see the purpose individuals can present to their business even when they are not within it. Customers are the reason any business is successful, and the whole art of business is made to appeal to the customer, but Isabel dos Santos believes we have strayed too far away from that in recent years, at least within the Angolan market. Because of this, she wants to do everything she can to make the state of her country better, and she has been delivering recently in spades on her promise to do so. It is because of this that we can continue to expect Isabel dos Santos to make a difference towards the state of the world for many years to come, as she will not accept a life where she contributes anything less.

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