Isabel Dos Santos: An Entrepreneur Advocate And Prolific Investor

Isabel Dos Santos is known for being the daughter of the former Angolan president, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. She is a well-known entrepreneur and investor who succeeded in both fields. As of now, Dos Santos is one of the wealthiest women in the country. She is included in Forbes’ list of billionaires as one of the only two females on the list.

As one who was exposed early to the importance of education, Isabel Dos Santos was encouraged by her father to pursue her interest. This event has been one of the things that influenced her success and establish her belief that women can also enter the world of business. While studying electrical engineering, she met Sindila Dokolo. The two got married after completing their studies.

During their first years of marriage, Isabel Dos Santos and her husband Sindika stayed for London in a couple of years. Ultimately, Dos Santos started showing her leadership skills when she joined as a project manager engineer for Urbana 2000. One of the things that she revolutionized is the trucking business in which she took advantage of walkie talkies in order to make the process easier. From then on, she started making wise investment decisions that made her one of the wealthiest people in Africa today.

Isabel Dos Santos focuses her investment in Angola and Portugal. She is known for influencing Condis, a Portuguese corporation, to bring its operations in Angola, making it the first ever supermarket in this chain to open in 2013. Dos Santos is also a significant member of Nova Cimangola, a cement company in Angola. Overall she has been interested in telecommunications, finance, retail, energy, and media industries in both Portuga and Angola. As of now, she currently holds the board and advisory roles at ZON, Banco BIC, and Unitel.

Because Isabel Dos Santos was exposed in education early, she believes that in order to find success, everyone should have the rights for proper education. Being able to rise in the top of a male-dominated area, Dos Santos has been encouraging fellow women to rise up and pursue their dreams. She promotes entrepreneurship and believes that technology is what will help improve Africa.

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