Isabel dos Santos, Africas Richest Woman Sparks Inspiration To Women All Over The World

There are only very few women who make it to the list of the Forbes richest personalities in the world. One of these select few is Isabel dos Santos, the eldest daughter of the previous president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She used to be the chairperson of Sonangol, a large oil company in Angola, which was instrumental in her massive success today.

Isabel dos Santos knows that beyond being one of the richest persons in the world and being successful entails reaching out to others who are economically challenged. As one way of paying forward, Isabel has various advocacies that encourage African Entrepreneurs to give back and pay forward the success they have achieved to their African brothers and sisters. This way they could impact the economy of Africa and help improve the lives of other Africans.

Isabel dos Santos makes it a part of her life’s mission to help improve the economic situations, career opportunities, and lives of women all over Africa. She also advocates for women equality and increased opportunities all over the world. Her advocacies turned her into an outspoken personality fighting for women’s rights.

In one of her interviews, Isabel shared that it was challenging to be successful in a male-dominated African economy. Every success she achieved, according to her, has been spoiled with prejudice. However, Isabel used these hardships as an inspiration to invest more in charitable works that will open the way for the upcoming generation of African women entrepreneurs.

Isabel dos Santos also shared that despite the struggles of becoming successful, it is possible for any woman to be successful in her own right. While it might take a lot of courage, persistence, commitment, and dedication, the fruits are sweet and inspiring. Isabel, in her interview, said that young women should give importance to their passion and skills since it is the best place to begin.

Isabel dos Santos is again named as one of the richest persons in Africa in 2018 by Forbes. She continues to inspire other women all over the world to pursue their dreams despite the hardships.

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