How Brazilian Conglomerate Groupo RBS Is Shaping Business In South America

South America has been growing economically for a number of years. Now, one of the leading Brazilian conglomerates is making a name for itself in the global business world. That company, Grupo RBS, has become a major player in one of South America’s fastest-growing economies.

Founded in 1957, Groupo RBS currently owns a business of subsidiary businesses in the broadcasting, publishing and logistics industry. Some of the major holdings of Group RBS include 12 broadcasting TV stations, 2 local broadcasting TV stations and 24 radio stations. Group RBS also owns a digital company, e.Bricks Digital as well as a number of logistics companies. Overall, the conglomerate employees over 6,000 people throughout South America.

The company has generated over $1.38 billion Brazilian Real dollars in revenue in the past 12 months. Revenue generated by all of Grupo RBS companies includes media business from the comglomerate’s many radio, TV and newspaper holdings. These major revenue flows has helped make the conglomerate the second-largest employer in Brazil and the single largest employer of journalists in the country.

In addition to its business operations, Group RBS is also active in various community and charitable projects. Some of these projects include “Love is the Best Inheritance, Take Care of the Kids” inititive. This institutional project focuses on helping kids and teens through the most impressable years of their lives. Launched in 2003, the “Love is the Best Inheritance, Take Care of the Kids” project has made use of a number of mascots to help communicate its message. To know more about RBS visit

Another major institutional project from Group RBS is the “Education Needs Answers” campaign. Launched in 2012, “Education Needs Answers” created a number of discussion groups to help elevate primary education across Brazil with a focus on the Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states. In addition to “Education Needs Answers” discussion events, RBS will also continue to advocate for better educational solutions through its media channels.