Gustavo Martinez: Assisting Startups with Different Strategies

Gustavo Martinez is one of the greatest advertisement creators in the world. He enjoyed working on his career for more than 35 years, and he is considered a creative person by the people that he worked with. He focused on creating advertisements and marketing campaigns that left an impact on the audience during the height of his career, and today, he decided to take on another challenge as a business consultant. Gustavo Martinez said that his decision to start a career as a consultant stemmed from his observations in the advertising and marketing industry – he realized that new startups need more guidance, and he is ready to give them a detailed plan on what they should do to succeed.


Known for his impacting advertisements and marketing campaigns in the 20th century, Gustavo Martinez established his identity in the industry. Back then, he would offer creative insights into different companies on how they should present their products and services. He is doing the same thing today as he leads his consultancy business. The first companies that benefited from his talent were Henkel and Price Waterhouse, and the impact of their advertisement created by Gustavo Martinez lasted for years and it became their ticket to become recognized around the world.


As Gustavo Martinez became known for his talent in creating great advertisements and marketing campaigns, many firms wanted him to become a part of their business. He served as the president of three large advertising and marketing firms – Ogilvy, Mather, and McCann World Group. He even became the chief executive officer of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, a leading advertising, and marketing firm that is considered as the most prestigious in the industry. After years of serving the company, he decided to step down from his position and serve as a business consultant for startups. Based on his own words, he is testing the waters in pursuing a career in the entrepreneurial industry.


Becoming a business consultant is a difficult task, and Gustavo Martinez believes that those who wanted to focus on this career should develop creativity. He said that an effective advertising and marketing campaign requires a creative mind, and raw talent is important. He also added that the end product should convey an important message to capture the attention of the viewing public. These factors would transform the advertising and marketing firm into a valuable company that is worth doing business with.


Aside from his approach when it comes to providing business with tips on how they should create their advertisements, Gustavo Martinez is also providing tips to startups on how they can experience growth. Based on the latest statistics, nine out of ten startups fail three years after their establishment. He wanted to change this number, and transform more startups to become successful companies in the end. For him, the experience is the key when it comes to business management, and business should always consider their clients when thinking of decisions that would affect the business. He also thinks of the high-tech approach in assisting startups, like the use of AIs and the IoT.


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