Gump’s Luxury Department Store To Be Re-Launched in Fall 2019


Founded in 1861 by brothers Solomon and Gustave, Gump’s department store was first launched as a seller of mirrors and frames, with artwork later being added to the frames.

Gumps is known as one of the oldest companies of its kind in the U.S., it was not only a dealer of home decor and fine jewelry, but it also carried merchandise by designer brands such as Hermes. When a major earthquake hit the San Francisco, California area in 1906, Gump’s first store burned downed, causing the owners to have to relocate the business to Union Square, where it remained until the end of 2018.

After recently being acquired by investor John Chachas and members of his family, Gump’s is set to re-open to the public in the Fall of 2019. The Chachas family, who had older relatives who were customers of the business during its most productive years, began investing in the business in 2007, and familiarized themselves with how the department store was run by its previous owners. Because of their respect for how the original store’s ownership was shared between its family members, John Chachas wanted to continue this tradition with his own family as they move forward with their plans for the new store. Read This Article for additional information.

During its many successful years of being in operation, Gump’s had luxury department stores on both the east coast and the west coast in San Francisco, California and New York City, New York. New owner John Chachas and his business partners have plans to re-launch the store in a different location that they will reveal at a later time on Gump’s website, The group will also let the public know on what day their grand opening will be taking place. This information can be accessed on the brand’s social media pages, which can be found on Instagram and Twitter.


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