Gulf Coast Western LLC, A Family Business

MATTHEW FLEEGERAlternative energy sources have brought major changes to the oil and gas industry over the past two decades. In the midst of all this change one company stood strong in this economic and technological storm.

Dallas-based Gulf Coast Western, LLC, had a secret weapon through these troubling times. This man a visionary Matt Fleeger their CEO was way ahead of the game.

The company was founded in 1970 by Fleeger’s father, built from the ground up by his family Matt’s involvement began in the mid-1980’s. He left the business briefly but returned for good in 2009.

Matthew Fleeger’s secret was simply information transparency and great customer service. His company’s motto ” Make it Right”. By adopting this motto of “Make it Right” Matt Fleeger has instilled in his customers a sense of confidence security and trust. They are not holding their breath waiting for the next shoe to fall. They are completely and totally in the loop at all times. They are not afraid of being hood winked or betrayed in any way. They are on solid footing with total transparency.

Should any issues come up that need further attention there is an actionable concrete plan in place for resolution. This attitude of teamwork the motto of “Make it Right” and a let’s fix this mantra has made all the difference in this company that started with such humble beginnings.


Yes, with Matt Fleeger at the helm the future of the customers of Gulf Coast Western LLC, is quite secure. Over the years it has been said that the key to the success of Gulf Coast Western LLC, is the transparent relationships built on trust respect honesty and integrity. Such is the hallmark of successful management.