Global Leader in Shipbuilding Technology: Privinvest

Global Leader in Shipbuilding Technology: Privinvest

Privinvest is an industry that specializes in modern ship design, production engineering, and other related technologies. It was started back in 1990 and has since grown to be a big industry. Its founders were Iskandar Safa and his younger brother Akram Safa, with Iskandar Safa being the current CEO of the company. Privinvest has its headquarters in Beirut and has over 2500 employees. The industry also owns and operates other state-of-the-art shipbuilding among other facilities in different countries around the world. Some of these countries are such as France, the Middle East, and Germany.

Through the leadership of Iskandar Safa who is a purpose-driven leader with a great vision, Privinvest has been known worldwide for designing some of the best and most known commercial ships, naval vessels and mega yachts. Additionally, the industry has delivered more than 2000 vessels to about 40 countries around the globe, among other private customers.

On the other hand, Safa has also helped Privinvest to improve naval technology which was for commercial and security use. This has led to the improvement of the integrated surveillance, which has helped improve the protection system for territorial and coastline water security. Further, there is WP18 high-speed tactical strike craft, which has also set a new benchmark from Privinvest in the market today.

Privinvest company has also focused on the R&D program, which works on marine renewable energies. This has also played a big role in ensuring that the company provides nothing but the best for its customers, investors, and stakeholders. The industry also has uniquely qualified facilities and staff who are located in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Middle East, and the Mediterranean region. By working together, they have helped come up with some of the most recognized ships in the world. For instance, they recently launched the Sailing Yacht A.

Privinvest has other remarkable projects that have led to its positive reputation internationally. Additionally, due to its great products, its stakeholders and customers have great confidence with the company.