Glenn Schlossberg on Success

Living as an entrepreneur and business mogul, Glenn Schlossberg has had quite a bit of success in the fashion industry. He learned his trade from his father though. At a young age Glenn Schlossberg spent countless hours in his fathers dress factory learning the tricks of the trade.

As Glenn Schlossberg mastered a new skill, he always pushed himself to do better, to be better. When his Jump line was launched, Glenn didn’t have any formal education, however he wanted to create a brand that provided high school students unique dress options for their upcoming prom or homecoming dances.

Glenn Schlossberg remembers his first big break when he got an account with Montgomery Ward. He said it was a million dollar account and that is when he knew he was going to make it big in the fashion industry. He was only 26 years old at the time, and wanted even more success.

Glenn says that he likes to stay on top of what sells in the industry and what doesn’t. He states that he has manufactured ore than 100 million garments in his career so it helps that he stays on top of what styles are trending. He loves to explore new fabrics and designs from China and Korea particularly and gets inspiration for new designs from these locations.

A customer helped Glenn by telling him he would like more Junior-plus evening wear and Glenn quickly realized that he was missing out on a huge market. He found that half of American women are sizes 14 and up and knew that he wanted to start a line that accommodated plus sized figures. This is when he launched his Onyx Nite line of evening wear so it could stand along with the other dresses in the juniors department.

Glenn likes to thank some of his success to keeping production local to New York with a factory in both Manhattan and in Secaucus, New Jersey. This doesn’t make his line inclusive to the United States, however. Glenn’s fashion lines are sold all over the world including South America, Canada, nine European countries and Australia.

Glenn Schlossberg makes an impact on the future by contributing to a plethora of non-profit organizations including cancer research fundraising and to the American Ballet. He also offers a mentorship program to inspire young entrepreneurs. His biggest word of advice to young entrepreneurs is to start while you’re young because you’ve got less to lose.