Gino Pozzo Remembers Watford FC’s Rich History

The Watford Football Club, known to many by their nickname The Hornets has a long history of success in the English soccer sector. However, the best days of the club took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s when iconic manager Graham Taylor led the club alongside owner Sir Elton John. The “Rocket Man” singer remains the life President of the Vicarage Road club and receives daily updates on the goings-on at the club from owner Gino Pozzo.

Gino Pozzo has been the owner of the club since 2012 when he purchased a club in financial difficulties from Laurence Bassini for less than $1 million. The Italian-born owner was living a happy life in Barcelona learning as much as possible about the business of running a huge soccer club when he purchased The Hornets. Watford may not be as large a club as that seen in the Catalan Capital of Barcelona but many of the ways of doing business have been drawn from the Barca playbook.

For example, Watford has a history of finding players from around England and bringing them to the club to provide success for the fans of the team. Gino Pozzo has taken the search for new players to the global stage and believes there are bargains to be had across the planet. The success recently enjoyed by Watford sees young players breaking into the first team from far-flung nations such as Brazil and Spain.

Gino Pozzo has no reason to forget about the history of the club he now owns but he believes there is a need to remember where Watford began life and where they now find themselves. The days of a manager like Taylor taking over at Watford and putting his stamp on every aspect of the team are over in the view of the enigmatic owner, Gino Pozzo.