Gino Pozzo: CEO Extraordinaire in Managing Top-flight Football Clubs

In 2019, Gino Pozzo is ranked as the fourth-best CEO among football club owners globally by Talksport. He has earned this position having transformed three football clubs into winning teams in Italy, Spain, and now in England, ever since taking over their ownership. Consequently, he is the only owner in the world who has owned three top-tier football clubs in three different countries simultaneously.

Gino Pozzo began managing football clubs back in 1993 at Udinese Calcio Football Club. His father purchased the club in the 1980s due to his love and passion for his local football club. The purchase worked in Udinese’s favor since it raised much-needed funds for the club’s daily operations.

When Gino Pozzo joined Udinese’s ranks, he came in with a new business model focused on scouting for talent which turned around fortunes at the club returning to the top league in Italy within a few years. He has used this business model in all his clubs successfully.

Gino Pozzo replicated his stellar performance at Udinese upon purchasing Granada FC in Barcelona in 2009. At the time of the purchase, Granada was playing in Spain’s Third Division football league, and it was also struggling to stay afloat with a €12m debt. In two years, Gino Pozzo revamped the club’s operations and brought in new signings who took the club to the Primera Liga after 35 years in the dark.

In 2012, Gino Pozzo finally made his way to the English Premier League after purchasing the Watford Club. His entry in the elite football league caused ripples in the football world as the world took notice. Within three years, he transformed the formerly debt-ridden club into a top-tier club, taking it from the Fourth Division at the time of purchase to playing in the Premier League in 2015.

The footballing world is a multi-million dollar industry. Nowadays, football club owners such as Gino Pozzo do not buy clubs just because of a passion for the game, but also because it makes business sense as a worthwhile investment. Gino Pozzo says Watford FC is his best bet for the future thanks to the potential of English football.