GCPS Foundation’s Aaron Lupuloff Shares Insights As An Entrepreneur

Gwinnett County Public Schools (or GCPS) Foundation is an organization that aims to help teachers and students achieve better education system in order to cope up with changes in the education environment. The organization provides funs, scholarships, and support in teaching as well as learning for teachers and students. As of the moment, GCPS Foundation is being led with community advocates, and one of them is Aaron Lupuloff.

Aaron Lupuloff is one of the founders of Norcross High School Foundation. he was also a past board member of Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. He is also an experienced Senior Managing Director for Bear Stears. With his experiences as an executive officer, as well as his knowledge in business administration, Lupuloff is one of GCPS Foundation’s key figures right now.

When asked about the thing that inspired him in joining GCPS Foundation, Aaron Lupuloff revealed that he saw how Norcross High School Foundation both helped the teachers and students. With GCPS, he is hoping that he would also be able to give help to more than 180,000 students of Gwinnett. To be able to deliver and make their goals true, they bring ideas to life by weekly “whiteboard” sessions of brainstorming. In addition, the company is collaborating with a board that consists of over 25 community activists.

According to youngupstarts, the trend that excites Aaron Lupuloff right now is the learning concept of focusing on the most challenging students first. When this is done, learning bubbles up, and the whole class will have more success in learning. He also shared that asking for an opinion from the community is a good way to make better judgements to reach their goals, not just with the folks that can make a donation. The pooling of ideas and determining the best action is one of the best ways to reach the organization’s goals.

When asked about the advice that he would give to his younger self, Aaron Lupoloff would tell his younger counterpart to be more patient, more humble, and ask for other people’s help when needed. You cannot always win your battles alone. But with the help of other people, all can achieve improvement and success. Lupuloff also stated that people should not be afraid to fail and fail often, as failing is one way to improve.

As an entrepreneur, Lupoloff recommends to everyone to communicate often and communicate with different people. His emphasis on the importance of communication is apparent because one of his main tasks in the GCPS Foundation is to help in securing the fund for their projects. Lupoloff shares one of the many ideas in his mind, which is to raise money to become an investor for middle school and high school students. Seek out individuals with great ideas and offer them help.

Lupoloff recommends reading “The Change Agent” by Damon West. The reason for this recommendation is because the book shows no matter where you are, you should strive and change, as well as make a positive impact on another person’s life.