Empiricus is a company located in Brazil. The company has headquarters in Sao Paulo and was founded in 2009 by Felipe Miranda, Rodolfo Amstalden, and Marcos Elias after calling Caio Mesquita who is a former director of BNP Paribas and Brascan banks to partner in their undertaking.

Empiricus specializes in offering investment ideas and publishing financial content such as fixed income, real estate funds, equities, cryptocurrencies, real estate funds, and more. Currently, the company’s content has over 180,000 subscribers and over 2 million readers.

In 2012, Marcos Elias left Empiricus to pursue other lines of business. The other three partners, Felipe, Rodolfo, and Caio, increased their focus by bringing more investment ideas to the masses. The three Empiricus founders negotiated with the American group Agora to form a partnership. The American group Agora was undertaking in more than 16 countries to bring financial content publishers together. From 2013 to 2018, Empiricus’ follower base grew exponential as a result of applying proven business rules internationally. Today, Empiricus follower base consists of over 200,000 paying subscribers and almost 2 million free readers.

The company had attracted over 180,000 subscribers by November 2017, which was a six times increment compared to 2014. The revenues of the company reached 154 million reais in 2016. In March 2016, Empiricus bought half of The Antagonist for 5 million reais. They partnered with Quantum, a financial information firm, in 2018 to assist in creating a fund seeker and comparator.

To reach its audience quickly, the company uses agile and robust solutions that are 100% digital. Currently, Empiricus customers learn about the best investment options through the company’s Salesforce technology. The company’s Internal Marketing and Operations departments operate from their Marketing Cloud. Through improved segmentation by paying product readers and email delivery, the company is making significant gains.

Empiricus Salesforce solutions have expanded across the company, which required deploying services of BeeCloud consultants to help their Service Cloud for quality customer service. The company is planning to use telesales solutions when adopting Sales Cloud.

To improve on email sending program, the company plans to hire the services of Salesforce Einstein solution. To enhance customer service, Empiricus will implement ChatBots in its tele sales department. The company’s Marketing Cloud will help reach a broader customer base using appropriate emails, SMS, and Push Notifications, integrated with relevant CRM.


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