Empiricus Offers Transparent and Relevant Financial Market Information


Empiricus is a Brazilian company that runs operations out of Sao Paulo. The company publishes financial content along with investment ideas. To date, the company maintains memberships of over 350,000 subscribers. Published content topics cover real estate, equities, fixed income, and real estate funds. Empiricus also maintains a formidable analyst team comprised of 30 industry professionals.

Empiricus also promotes Brazilian events where leaders around the world can provide thought leadership and share ideas. Past attendees have included a Nobel laureate, well-respected industry writers, and a Federal Reserve chairman. Add to the list a former president and a number of respected economists.

Felipe Miranda and Rodolfo Amstalden founded the company in 2009. They were both university professors. The two founders more recently negotiated a business partnership with an American company called Agora. Agora partners with more than 16 countries that publish financial content. Empiricus’s attention to financial market details and knowledge of local business rules helped grow the company’s base in a major way from 2013 to 2018. Now there are more than two million people who follow Empiricus along with its growing base of subscribers.

Transparency and honesty are the keys that make Empiricus a success. The company believes that completely accurate market predictions are impossible to make. Instead, the company pursues asymmetries and calculations that have a reasonable chance of success and that speak to commons sense. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Data is important and far more relevant than mere rhetoric and false promises when it comes to finance. Empiricus follows this approach in all of its business dealings. The company also encourages members and readers to diversify their investments. Get More Information Here.

They know that every investor will sometimes make mistakes. Within a controlled environment, those mistakes are likely to be far fewer with relevant data and analytics. The company earns most of its income through newsletters and paid bulletins. The company thrives on sharing valuable information about asset diversification and additional information that covers inflation and interest rates.


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